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5 Common Questions about Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing has become our favorite way to spread a company’s message. You can’t find a solution that is less time-consuming and less expensive. There are email services that track click and open rates for you, and you can reach multiple people with one campaign. But there is still a lot of confusion around email marketing. Why is that? Things like sending an effective message to spam blockers seem to be a constant source of confusion for many small business owners and sales people. In this article, we will tryRead More

Mobile Apps for Small Business

Five Must-Have Mobile Apps for Small Business Efficiency Innovative mobile apps are making small business owners more efficient and productive than ever.  Even better, most of the 1.4 million apps available are relatively inexpensive, if not free.  Since there are hundreds of apps worthy of your time, here are five that could help you be more efficient. Streamline Team Communications: Slack When you have multiple people collaborating on one project, the communication can happen through a variety of channels (instant messages, written notes, Google Docs, and phone calls – toRead More

Work Smarter and Grow Your Sales

How Small Business Owners Can Work Smarter and Grow Sales Three tips for getting the most out of your time and sales efforts. Small business owners are at a constant risk of getting burned out from the weight of their business.  If this is you, most likely it’s because you do not have a team, and therefore, completing tasks is your responsibility.  So how do you avoid getting burned out?  Here are three tips for working smarter while continuing to grow your sales.  Tip #1: Determine Your Target Market TheRead More

Insurance as a Hedge in the Unstable Economy

Reginald Hawkins Makes His Startup Insurance Agency Personal by Leo Adam Biga In planning their life together, newlyweds Reginald and Angela Hawkins of Inglewood, Calif. decided to mesh their skill sets in a start-up business of their own. He has years of market research and retail sales experience. She uses her business and management degrees as a County of Los Angeles human resources analyst. “We’re pretty well off, but we still wanted another source of income coming in, especially in this economy,” says Reginald. “You want numerous revenue streams becauseRead More

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match…

MedSource/BizSource Advisors Playing Matchmaker by Leo Adam Biga Steve Deas believes he’s found a niche in the lead generation field with a start-up he and business partner Jack Lavin have formed. Their Athens, Ga.-based MedSource/BizSource Advisors plays matchmaker by bringing vendors and customers together over in-demand services or products. “We’re matching the two ends to bring them to the middle,” says Deas. “I did extensive research and I did not find another company doing quite what we’re doing. I think we’re offering something that can be a win-win situation inRead More

Online Isn’t Optional Anymore

Focus Consulting Bridges the Digital Divide by Leo Adam Biga Patrick Allmond has been riding the digital wave since completing a military stint and entering the business world. In a corporate career he never felt comfortable in he found his true niche as a teacher and presenter on technology topics. He left the What-Makes-Sammy-Run? treadmill to contract out his expertise for a company. Finally, in 1998, he went entrepreneurial and opened his own business with his wife Angela Tapley-Allmond. Their Focus Consulting began as an IT support and software developmentRead More

Insurance Boot Camp

Farmers Insurance Group District Office Trains-Supports New Agents by Leo Adam Biga As a Farmers Insurance Group district manager in Portland, Oregon Scott Richmann works for one of America’s largest, most well known insurance brands. A former Farmers agent, he now specializes in developing new agent candidates. Assisting him is training coordinator Melissa Bauer. “We kind of go from peaking their interest in careers as agents with Farmers, then getting them through the licensing process. Once they’re fully licensed and come on board with Farmers we are in charge ofRead More

Ray Hrdlicka Reinventing Himself

Crime, Justice & America Reaches Inside Jailhouses by Leo Adam Biga Ray Hrdlicka has turned his business degree, marketing flair and law and order intrigue into an entrepreneurial niche in the criminal justice world. Though his ambition sometimes overreaches his execution, he’s nothing if not a survivor. After dabbling as a private investigator and bounty hunter he found his calling as a bail bondsman. His Calif.-based company H&H Bail Bonds, along with a string of like agencies he purchased through a holding company, Emergency Financial Services, established a niche inRead More

Diagnosing What Ails a Business

AdminPro Business Consulting at the Micro and Macro Levels by Leo Adam Biga Through her Admin Pro consulting firm in Nashville, Tenn. Tracy Fesler is a problem solver for small business owners-managers in the retail, manufacturing and service provider fields. “I work one on one with people,” says the University of Kansas and executive training program graduate. “I love the entrepreneurial spirit, from a one-man show up to 200 employees. There you’re not dealing with the burdensome structure of a large corporate entity that maybe isn’t so flexible to initiateRead More