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Mobile Apps for Small Business

Five Must-Have Mobile Apps for Small Business Efficiency Innovative mobile apps are making small business owners more efficient and productive than ever.  Even better, most of the 1.4 million apps available are relatively inexpensive, if not free.  Since there are hundreds of apps worthy of your time, here are five that could help you be more efficient. Streamline Team Communications: Slack When you have multiple people collaborating on one project, the communication can happen through a variety of channels (instant messages, written notes, Google Docs, and phone calls – toRead More

Work Smarter and Grow Your Sales

How Small Business Owners Can Work Smarter and Grow Sales Three tips for getting the most out of your time and sales efforts. Small business owners are at a constant risk of getting burned out from the weight of their business.  If this is you, most likely it’s because you do not have a team, and therefore, completing tasks is your responsibility.  So how do you avoid getting burned out?  Here are three tips for working smarter while continuing to grow your sales.  Tip #1: Determine Your Target Market TheRead More