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PluggedSolar Releases Innovative Plug-in Kits for Homes, Installs in the USA and Mexico

Houston, TX – Solar energy tappings are made simple with the DIY by Plugged Solar panel kits which plug directly into a standard 120 volt electrical outlet of the home. After a successful expansion across the US, Plugged Solar is now providing innovative and affordable plug-in kits through resellers in Mexico. PluggedSolar already revolutionized the market for solar in 2013 when they released their 1.7 kilowatt system. Designed to be do-it-yourself, every kit comes with all the necessary components for installation including the panels, the racking, the inverter, and anyRead More

College Students Should Also Run a Business

Entrepreneur Specializing in Internships Shares 5 Benefits These days, it seems as though Americans are spending more for college while getting less value in return – a trend research validates, says entrepreneur Matt Stewart. “The average cost for an in-state public college is $22,261, and a moderate budget for a private college averaged $43,289 for the 2012–2013 academic year; for elite schools, we’re talking about three times the cost of your local state school,” says Stewart, a spokesperson for College Works Painting, (, which provides practical and life-changing business experienceRead More

4 Great Green Technologies to Celebrate Earth Day

Environmental Advocate Shares Affordable Gadgets that Shrink Your Footprint – and Your Bills Just as intended, the 44th annual celebration of Earth Day on April 22 will be surrounded by talk of our environment, our impact on it and what we can do to better live in harmony with it. “We’re seeing more and more people who realize that, if each of us does what we can every day,  collectively, we can have a tremendous impact,” says Lynda Chervil, a thought leader and green technology advocate whose new book, “Fool’sRead More