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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match…

MedSource/BizSource Advisors Playing Matchmaker by Leo Adam Biga Steve Deas believes he’s found a niche in the lead generation field with a start-up he and business partner Jack Lavin have formed. Their Athens, Ga.-based MedSource/BizSource Advisors plays matchmaker by bringing vendors and customers together over in-demand services or products. “We’re matching the two ends to bring them to the middle,” says Deas. “I did extensive research and I did not find another company doing quite what we’re doing. I think we’re offering something that can be a win-win situation inRead More

Online Isn’t Optional Anymore

Focus Consulting Bridges the Digital Divide by Leo Adam Biga Patrick Allmond has been riding the digital wave since completing a military stint and entering the business world. In a corporate career he never felt comfortable in he found his true niche as a teacher and presenter on technology topics. He left the What-Makes-Sammy-Run? treadmill to contract out his expertise for a company. Finally, in 1998, he went entrepreneurial and opened his own business with his wife Angela Tapley-Allmond. Their Focus Consulting began as an IT support and software developmentRead More