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5 Common Questions about Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing has become our favorite way to spread a company’s message. You can’t find a solution that is less time-consuming and less expensive. There are email services that track click and open rates for you, and you can reach multiple people with one campaign. But there is still a lot of confusion around email marketing. Why is that? Things like sending an effective message to spam blockers seem to be a constant source of confusion for many small business owners and sales people. In this article, we will tryRead More

Online Isn’t Optional Anymore

Focus Consulting Bridges the Digital Divide by Leo Adam Biga Patrick Allmond has been riding the digital wave since completing a military stint and entering the business world. In a corporate career he never felt comfortable in he found his true niche as a teacher and presenter on technology topics. He left the What-Makes-Sammy-Run? treadmill to contract out his expertise for a company. Finally, in 1998, he went entrepreneurial and opened his own business with his wife Angela Tapley-Allmond. Their Focus Consulting began as an IT support and software developmentRead More