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Insurance as a Hedge in the Unstable Economy

Reginald Hawkins Makes His Startup Insurance Agency Personal by Leo Adam Biga In planning their life together, newlyweds Reginald and Angela Hawkins of Inglewood, Calif. decided to mesh their skill sets in a start-up business of their own. He has years of market research and retail sales experience. She uses her business and management degrees as a County of Los Angeles human resources analyst. “We’re pretty well off, but we still wanted another source of income coming in, especially in this economy,” says Reginald. “You want numerous revenue streams becauseRead More

Online Isn’t Optional Anymore

Focus Consulting Bridges the Digital Divide by Leo Adam Biga Patrick Allmond has been riding the digital wave since completing a military stint and entering the business world. In a corporate career he never felt comfortable in he found his true niche as a teacher and presenter on technology topics. He left the What-Makes-Sammy-Run? treadmill to contract out his expertise for a company. Finally, in 1998, he went entrepreneurial and opened his own business with his wife Angela Tapley-Allmond. Their Focus Consulting began as an IT support and software developmentRead More