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5 Common Questions about Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing has become our favorite way to spread a company’s message. You can’t find a solution that is less time-consuming and less expensive. There are email services that track click and open rates for you, and you can reach multiple people with one campaign. But there is still a lot of confusion around email marketing. Why is that? Things like sending an effective message to spam blockers seem to be a constant source of confusion for many small business owners and sales people. In this article, we will tryRead More

Work Smarter and Grow Your Sales

How Small Business Owners Can Work Smarter and Grow Sales Three tips for getting the most out of your time and sales efforts. Small business owners are at a constant risk of getting burned out from the weight of their business.  If this is you, most likely it’s because you do not have a team, and therefore, completing tasks is your responsibility.  So how do you avoid getting burned out?  Here are three tips for working smarter while continuing to grow your sales.  Tip #1: Determine Your Target Market TheRead More

Has an Employer’s Market Further Skewed Work-Life Balance?

5 Tips for Ensuring Desirable Lifestyle from Exxon Manager-Turned-Life Coach With reports of the unemployment rate dropping to 7 percent, lower than it was even five years ago and down from a peak of 10 percent in October 2009, many are breathing a sigh of relief. But the effects of a long bout of high unemployment are sure to have thrown off the balance of employee well-being, says former Exxon executive Bob Epperly. “Of course, the rate does not take into account those who are underemployed, including over-skilled workers inRead More

4 Ways to Come Up with Brilliant Ideas When the Pressure’s On By Michael Levin

National Ideas Month Shines a Light on Creativity Here’s an intriguing idea from New York Times best-selling author and writing coach Michael Levin,: “Creativity is a muscle; use it or lose it.” Levin, whose new “Books Are My Babies” YouTube channel ( offers 160-plus free tutorials for writers, says anyone can grow their creativity, just like any other muscle. “I define creativity as ‘the ability to develop great ideas while under pressure,’ ” he says. “Pressure creates diamonds, so why shouldn’t it also create great ideas?” But sometimes, pressure paralyzesRead More

Are Your Meetings a Waste of Time?

CEO Shares Tips for Encouraging Productive Collaboration In survey after survey, meetings get knocked by everyone from employees to senior executives as being among the biggest waste of work hours. In one poll, by Office Team, 45 percent of senior executives said their firms would be more productive if they banned all meetings at least one day a week! “The problem that often occurs – beyond the obvious, like lacking a clear agenda – is the underlying current of competition that each person brings to the table,” says Berny Dohrmann,Read More

College Students Should Also Run a Business

Entrepreneur Specializing in Internships Shares 5 Benefits These days, it seems as though Americans are spending more for college while getting less value in return – a trend research validates, says entrepreneur Matt Stewart. “The average cost for an in-state public college is $22,261, and a moderate budget for a private college averaged $43,289 for the 2012–2013 academic year; for elite schools, we’re talking about three times the cost of your local state school,” says Stewart, a spokesperson for College Works Painting, (, which provides practical and life-changing business experienceRead More

How the Little Guys Can Win In Today’s David-and-Goliath Business World

Business Intelligence Expert Shares Tips for Using Actionable Data to Gain the Advantage Before the internet, small companies didn’t stand a chance against the Goliaths, says Corrine Sandler, a globally recognized leader in business intelligence and market research. That’s because no war can be won without intelligence and, before the digital era, collecting actionable data and information about one’s competitors, market and customers cost a lot more than most small businesses – the Davids – could afford. “But today, the Davids are taking down the Goliaths,” says Sandler, founder andRead More

Your Financial Advisor is Probably Not Your Friend

Who to Trust & What to Avoid in Learning About Money Management By Mike Finley The importance of money is impressed upon most Americans as soon as we’re old enough to buy candy. But the importance of money management is an entirely different story, says self-made millionaire Mike Finley. “Think about all that we do to prepare children for the world; we fill them up with things we think are most important for doing well as adults and spend tens of thousands of dollars for higher education, but they neverRead More

Which Social Media Platforms are Right for You? By: Marsha Friedman

If you want to be visible in today’s marketplace, you absolutely must have a presence on social media. But there are so many from which to choose nowadays! In addition to the biggies like Facebook and Twitter, we have lots of newcomers, including Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Additionally, some of the older platforms have undergone major changes in recent months, which affect how effective they are for different functions. How to know which platforms will best meet your needs? I asked Alex Hinojosa, our vice president for media operations atRead More

How to Be the Boss of Your Own Life

Businesswoman Provides Tips for Being Your Own CEO Entrepreneurship is alive and well in the United States with hundreds of thousands of new businesses opening each year. More than 22 million of our small businesses are one-man (or woman) shops, and the number of those ringing up more than $1 million in sales is growing – it was nearly 27,000 in 2011, the most recent U.S. Census statistics available. “Americans are very savvy business people, and for more and more of us, the rewards of running our own business trounceRead More